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Because of my love of textiles and art, I approach each project with the mindset of designing one-of-a-kind creations that innovatively infuse an array of media -- appliqué, embroidery, textile paint, origami, lace trim and even vintage embroidered dinner napkins--into my knitted base form, creating depth and communicating a story.

I convey my non-traditional methods in clear and easy-to-follow patterns so that you too can create heirlooms pieces you can be proud of.

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Take a journey into Canada's rich history and culture! This collection of keepsake baby patterns honours each province and territory of my beautiful home, Canada.  Each project features that province's or territory's symbolic animal in a fun and unique way.  Projects are aimed to pay tribute to Canadian culture and heritage while still being practical for everyday use.  Currently, Aruna has released her first pattern in this series honouring her home province of British Columbia.  This pattern features the Kermode Bear. Also known as the Spirit Bear. Her hope is to collaborate with various conservation organizations to help preserve these rare and beautiful animals. True to her attention to detail, each pattern comes with a coordinating gifting postcard which Aruna painted herself.

If you are new to knitting, this is probably the best place to start.  This learning series will guide you through learning to knit 5 different projects sequentially, each level building upon the previous. Starting off with knitted stuffed owls, then moving onto origami stars and other fun projects, until you reach the final level of knitting a sweater -- all with basic squares!  No need to fuss over increases, decreases or yarn overs -- just pure knitting bliss.

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Enjoy knitting some simple pleasures. Celebrating knitwear designers around the world!


My 2020 Christmas presents were an array of Leafy Washcloths by MEGAN GOODACRE from TricksyKnitter. Click on the link above to find out all the info surrounding my Christmas presents -- which yarn I used, size of needles, the little tweaks I made etc. in my HC Notebook.

Vintage Jack Sweater.jpeg

A fabulous infusion of vintage modern.  This is playful, heritage style baby sweater for your little pumpkin.  Through this pattern, you will learn how to incorporate a lot of fun additions to your knitted pieces, such as embroidery, adding haberdashery, a banner-style edging and more!  

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