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Welcome to the world of 'Mindful Making'

...where art & authentic living meet.

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I try my best to live an authentic & harmonious life by honouring who I am.

I have found that knitting has found it's way into almost every facet of my life to help me live

intentionally & consciously.


​I use knitting as a meditative tool.

I use knitting to create natural items for daily life.

I use knitting to celebrate my heritage and history.

..And all of my work is executed in a way that honours who I am -- a Maker.

I tell my story through my knits in a way that is true to me combining my love for


My website is slowly evolving as I take my time to upload projects & helpful information I have experimented with over the last few decades.

I thank you for your patience.


For now...

 I invite you to let go of fear & reignite your creative & authentic soul.

Come with me. I would love to gently help you journey back 'home' to rediscover your true creative self.

I hope my site helps you find your own personal, sacred & magical creative space in which you find yourself creating with intuition, alignment & wonderment.

Haberdash Couture :
Reclaim your creative SPARKLE! Intuitive knits for MAKERS.

Watercolor Butterfly 12


To purchase Haberdash Couture patterns, please visit www.Ravelry.com