Welcome to my Soul Stitch Studio.

Hi. My name is Aruna and I am a mixed media textile artist living in Vancouver, Canada. I am so glad you are here.​


Through melding paper, textiles, stitch and found objects,

I allow my creative spirit to intuitively peel back the layers of self, culture, society and history 

to reveal and liberate my latent voice & stories.

I call my technique Stitch Collage.

I invite you to start your road to healing and wellness through therapeutic creativity.

My hope is that my


give you a safe space to start to explore your narratives &

inspire you to take that gentle baby step towards finding

a RENEWED sense of being.

If you ever have a question, please feel free to email or DM me at anytime.

Together hART to hART,


Watercolor Butterfly 12
Drawing of Wool Yarn


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