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Reclaim your creative SPARKLE! Intuitive knits for MAKERS.

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Welcome to Haberdash Couture.

Here I invite you to let go of all your fears & to honour and reignite your creative soul.

If you are a MAKER who enjoys knitting yet somehow still feel limited in expressing your story through only one medium, then you are at the right site.

Haberdash Couture is about journeying back 'home' to rediscover your true creative self as a

multi-disciplinary MAKER.

Learning from my own personal creative journey, my goal is to gently guide you to step outside the 2-dimensional knitted form and intuitively infuse your creations with all the other hand crafting techniques you also enjoy to create something that is novel, deeply expressive and liberating.

Have a look around my site and let me help you find your own personal, sacred & magical creative space in which you find yourself creating with excitement & wonderment, that suddenly you start to  -- SPARKLE!

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To purchase Haberdash Couture patterns, please visit www.Ravelry.com