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Welcome to my Soul Stitch Studio.

Hi. My name is Aruna and I am a mixed media textile artist living in Vancouver, Canada. I am so glad you are here.​


Through melding paper, textiles, stitch and found objects,

I allow my creative spirit to intuitively peel back the layers of self, culture, society and history 

to reveal and liberate my latent voice & stories.

I call my technique Stitch Collage.

I teach my techniques to help women



through creativity.


My hope is that my


give you a safe space to start to

explore your narratives,

rediscover your authentic self


re-emerge with a true sense of alignment.

If you ever have questions, please feel free to email or DM me at anytime.

Together hART to hART,


Watercolor Butterfly 12
Drawing of Wool Yarn


To purchase Haberdash Couture patterns, please visit 

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